Release Date: February 14, 2017 (App Version 3.130.888)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version 3.130.888


New Features

    • Licensing & Contracting
      • A “Print My License” link has been added to all license approval email messages.

Bug Fixes

    • Licensing & Contracting
      • Adding a state to an existing contract should no longer result in an error message. 
      • The issue of an error message appearing during the last step of the appointment process for some carriers has been fixed.
    • Forms
      • Monetary values are now formatted properly on paperwork.
      • Letter sizing adjusted to prevent words from being cut off.
    • Misc
      • The Bookmarks button has returned to the web version of SureLC, for your bookmarking pleasure.  For the desktop version, you will find it moved to the top corner of our new gray tool bar.
      • Fixed bug that prevented searching by the last 4 SSN digits.
      • Minor bug fixes.


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