American General - GIWL Contracting

Chris Toth -

American General has established a dedicated email address for their GIWL product line for paper contracts  (street level and below only) submitted to the carrier.  Any GIWL contracts sent to their Normal email address  do not need to be re-directed to the GIWL email.  All requests will be processed from either email address.

However The carrier has indicated the most efficient and time-sensitive way to submit these GIWL contracts are through the electronic submission process in SureLC. 

If you're currently submitting contracts electronically:

  • Continue submitting GIWL contracts as you normally do through the software.
  • Indicate the GIWL specific contract numbers for the DIRECT UPLINE and RECRUITER.
  • Indicate the GIWL commission level under Specialty Products on the Recruiter Page of the application.



If your agency is not submitting contracts electronically to American General you have two options:

  • Option #1 - Send the contract manually to the carrier's inbox through SureLC.
    • Select the "Carrier" checkbox in step 5. 
    • Process as normal.
    • American General has assured us the GIWL contracts are not required to be filtered to any other email address.
    • will be the only supported email address in SureLC, as this email supports BOTH Normal contracting and GIWL contracting.


  • Option #2 -  (Street level and below contracts only)  Send the contract to yourself and forward to from your personal email.
    • Select the "BGA" or "Administrator" checkbox in step 5. 
    • Process as normal.
    • Forward the contract to from your personal email


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