North American - Direct Upline & Distributor Requirements

Chris Toth -

Why am I not able to select "NEXT" past the Hierarchy step for North American?


North American made some changes to their requirements in SureLC to help eliminate NIGO (Not In Good Order) responses.  In order to know whos hierarchy the Producer belongs under, the carrier will need to know the following: 

  • Indication of who, within the hierarchy, is the DISTRIBUTOR


The Direct Upline and Distributor selection can be made within your Master Schedule Settings.  Just a simple checkmark is needed to indicate who the Distributor will be within the hierarchy.

If this is determined uniquely for each producer, simply leave this selection blank in your master settings.




If the settings are not pre-set under your Master Schedule Settings, you'll be prompted in step 4 of each contract request to complete these two requirements before the "NEXT" button lights up.




These changes will ensure the producer is linked to the correct Direct Upline, and will help speed up contract responses from the carrier.

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