Release Date: May 30, 2017 (App Version 3.132.135)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version 3.132.135

New Features

    • Affiliations
      • The default affiliation called ALL OFFICES is now renamed to NOT AFFILIATED.  Further details about this change will be forthcoming.

Bug Fixes

    • Interface
      • The Home button is now appearing on the appropriate screens for new SureLC accounts.

    • Appointments
      • Corrected behavior of SureLC when updating an appointment request to the Completed stage and entering an agent code that is already assigned to a different producer under the same carrier.
      • UHC and Lincoln appointment requests should no longer take an excessive amount of time to process.

    • SureNB
      • Fixed issue where addendum page was missing from the forms package.

    • An assortment of other behind the scenes bug fixes.


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