Changes to ALL OFFICES

Mike Abrahamson -

In the SureLC update scheduled for Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 there is an update to functionality related to the ALL OFFICES feature.  The following changes are part of this update.

The ALL OFFICES label is being changed to NOT AFFILIATED.  In some locations this will appear as NOT AFFILIATED, while in others it will appear as Not Affiliated.  Previously the "ALL OFFICES" and "Not Affiliated" labels were different even though they referred to the same thing: all producers who were not assigned to a specific affiliation.

Info & Appointments view

  • The filter that currently defaults to ALL OFFICES is being changed to a filter that shows "All Affiliations", including an option to view NOT AFFILIATED producers separately from other affiliations.


  • The NOT AFFILIATED option will now appear in the list of available affiliations to select from the producer card.



Agency L&C Setup

General Info

- Strict Affiliations vs Affiliation Required

  • If your agency has Strict Affiliations enabled (this is the case if you see an Affiliations section under Agency L&C Setup > Admins) your administrators were previously required to select an affiliation when adding a producer.  With this update there will be a new option called Affiliation Required that will allow you to control whether an affiliation is required when your admins add producers.  If an affiliation is NOT required then your admins will be able to select the NOT AFFILIATED option.

- Validation Rules

  • The ALL OFFICES option previously was both the default set of rules that applied to ALL affiliations that did NOT have their own settings applied AND was the setting that applied to all producers who did not have an assigned affiliation.  Those settings are now separated into two separate options: Default and NOT AFFILIATED.


  • The Default validation rules will now apply to all other affiliations that do NOT have their own validation rules applied, just as ALL OFFICES previously did.  In addition, you can now hover your mouse pointer over the list to see which affiliations are inheriting those Default validation rules.




- Set Product Lines

  • When configuring which product lines to make available for each carrier, the list of available affiliations will include the two new options: Default and NOT AFFILIATED.  These will function similarly to the way they work for validation rules as described above.


Bear in mind, only the affiliations that are enabled for a carrier under Set Affiliations will appear in the list of affiliations within Set Product Lines.


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