What are some of the recent enhancements added to SureLC?

Dennis Pavluk -

Here are a few highlights of some of the enhancements we’ve added to SureLC.

You have the Ability to:

  1. Restrict carrier selection per affiliation. i.e. prevent a producer with a certain assigned affiliation from requesting a certain carrier(s).
  2. Override any DBA settings, and Phone/fax/email settings on a producer's profile. It’s called DBA Templates and is pretty handy if you have a particular agency that sets up all their producers as LOA. This override feather ensures the settings cannot be changed.
  3. Create specific registration web links on a per affiliation basis. These links automatically assign a producer the desired affiliation AND also allow you to preset the producers DBA Tab selection. This takes the guess work out of having to find out who the producer is associated with AND eliminates the need for you to manually assign that affiliation.
  4. Set up SureLC e-mails that go to your producers to show specific contact information based on Affiliation. i.e. show a down line agencies contact information on a Review Request e-mail instead of your agencies contact information.
  5. Designate by Affiliation which producer profile information is REQUIRED before SureLC will allow the producer to request an appointment. For example: You have a group of producers that work under a Broker Dealer. You can now REQUIRE that the producers include their FINRA information before the system will allow them to request an appointment. This was designed to eliminate producers from requesting contracts before they have all the basic carrier requirements in place.
  6. Assign a single E&O policy to a group of your producers eliminating the need to upload the same E&O information multiple times to multiple producer profiles.
  7. Assign carrier hierarchy and commission schedules per affiliation. Assigning the schedule will allow that schedule to auto populate when processing appointments.
  8. Restrict, on a per affiliation basis, which product lines can be selected by the producer when he/she is requesting appointments.
  9. Through a partnership with CalSurance, you now have the ability to allow producers to purchase an E&O policy using SureLC.
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