Producer Password Reset/Create No Access to E-Mail Address UserID

Jim Friend -

Question: I have a producer who needs to reset/create their SureLC password, but no longer has access to the e-mail address that is being used as the userID. How can this be corrected?

When producers reset their password, SureLC gives them the option of sending the Password Reset Code to either their e-mail address used as the log in userID OR, the cell phone number on file. 

If the producer does not have access to the e-mail address SureLC shows as the userID, the fix is simple. When going through the Password Recovery process, SureLC will give the producer the option of sending the Password Reset Code to the producers cell phone number on file as a text. Once the producer gets the code, they input it where asked, then log in using the e-mail address they no longer have access to, (the e-mail address SureLC told them was the userID) and the password they just created. Once logged in, they can change the e-mail userID by clicking on Accounts and Settings, then Change UserID. 

Question: But what if the system does not show a cell phone number to send the Password Reset Code to? 

If SureLC does not show a cell number to send the code to, this means there is no cell number in the producers SureLC profile. To fix this, Agency workers will need to go into the producers profile on the admin end and on the producers NIPR Tab, input a number in the cell phone field. Once that is done, the producer can go about resetting the password and changing the userID as described above. 

Some other password and account log in related advice:

1. If a producer tries to log in 5 times and fails, the system will lock the account for 24 hours. This is a security measure built in to the program to make sure someone is not trying to hack the account. 

2. A producer cannot reset their password more than once in a 24 hour period. If they don't know the password they just created, they will have to wait till the next day to try and reset it again. 

3. Passwords are agency specific, meaning the password used for a producer profile under your agency cannot be used as the password for a SureLC profile a producer might have at another agency. The same e-mail userID can be used across multiple profiles though. 

4. Each SureLC profile a producer has is accessed using a web link unique to the agency. Example: A producer has a SureLC profile at ABC Agency AND a profile at XYZ Insurance. If he wants to log into the profile under ABC Agency, he needs to use the ABC Agency SureLC link, UserID email, and password that go with that profile. Same holds true if he wants to log into the XYZ Insurance profile. If he/she tires to use the ABC Agency profile login credentials with the XYZ Agency weblink, it will not work and vice versa. 


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    lashonda marshae hardyway

    hello I am trying to complete my new hire infoi did the registration part and I don't know where to go from there I cant find the login area for surrance bay.

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    Abuela 007

    The system does not show a cell phone number for me and I cannot change or add a cell phone number because the system will not allow me to log in without verification. I called last week and a tech support ticket was sent in for me but no one has called or emailed me to correct this situation and I cannot log into my SuranceBay account until this is corrected. My phone number is 931 337-0171 and my email address is

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    Jacquetta Sabina Wright

    How do I change my resident address that is afflliated with my license

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    Sharon Levy Ricucci

    I trust completed my new agent contracting, set a password with Surance Bay as well. Now I can't login. Also, I was told to use the same link again to be able to login to Ameritus. I did not get an activation email for this. Please advise. Thank you.
    Sharon Ricucci

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    Kim Holland

    I do not know where my surancebay account went so I can get appointed by carriers. I moved from MN to FL but that was in December of 2020. Please help me get back online where I can request appointment with carriers. My GA is Partners Advantage and Dan Tucker is my contact. See ... Dan Tucker
    National Vice President
    Direct: 951-977-2630
    888-251-5525 x 308

    Fax- 951-977-2733

    PLEASE NOTE that my email address has been updated to the new Gallagher email. This email ends with Please set your email inbox to allow my new email address.