Producers with multiple profiles in SureLC

Dennis Pavluk -

Important Notice to Producers: SuranceBay is a software service provider for Carriers, Agencies and Producers. If you are working with multiple agencies who utilize SureLC, your login credentials must be unique for each agency relationship. In addition, it's important for you to use each agencies dedicated SureLC URL when logging in. 


Example: You registered a new profile at ABC Agency last month. When you registered, you used a weblink that was specific to ABC Agency and allowed you access to ABC Agency's SureLC system. During the registration you received your activation e-mail, that included your activation link, that allowed you to activate your profile AND create your password. That password you created is unique to your profile under ABC Agency. 

Now lets say a month from now you need to log back in to your SureLC profile under ABC Agency. You will again need to use the web link unique to ABC Agency AND the e-mail UserId and Password you created when you registered. (Note: You CANNOT use the activation link contained in the activation e-mail you got when you registered. Once you use that activation link, for security purposes, it goes dead and cannot be used again) 

Let's expand further on this. Let's say you are now going to contract under another agency that uses SureLC. We'll call this agency XYZ Insurance. You may think that you can just use the SureLC link and log in credentials you already have for your ABC Agency profile. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The weblink and log in credentials you already have are UNIQUE to ABC Agency. 

What you have to do is use the web link that is UNIQUE to XYZ Insurance and even though you already have a profile under ABC Agency, you still need to register as a New User using the weblink unique to XYZ Insurance. 

When you register as a new user under XYZ Insurance, you will again get an activation e-mail that will allow you to active the XYZ Insurance profile AND create a password that is UNIQUE to the XYZ Insurance profile. (Note: Each profile you have can use the same e-mail address as the UserID BUT, each profile will need to have a different password.) 

So now you have two online contracting profiles. One at ABC Agency and another at XYZ Insurance. These profiles are separate from one another. 

If you want to log in to your XYZ Insurance profile, you need to use the web link unique to XYZ Insurance AND the UserID and Password you set up during registration. Same holds true if you want to log into your ABC Agency profile. You need to use the web link unique to ABC Agency AND the log in credentials you set up when you create that profile. 

If you use the web link unique to ABC Agency BUT, use the log in credentials for the XYZ Insurance profile IT WILL NOT WORK and vice versa. 

If you are having issues logging in, reach out to the agency you are contracting through and someone in their contracting department should guide you as needed. 

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