How do I add a form to SureLC?

Chelsie Gaspard -

Answer: You can't. 

If you have a carrier form that needs to be added to SureLC for your agency, please send a blank copy of the form to and our Forms Team will upload and code the form for you. 


  • Example: A carrier sends your agency an e-mail stating that starting the first of next month, you are to start using a new FCRA Addendum and attach that form to that e-mail. You can simply forward that e-mail to stating that you need the attached form uploaded to SureLC. 
  • Another Example: You add Symetra to your list of Available Carriers. You click on the carrier on your Carriers Tab, then click Download Forms and realize there is no transmittal included. This is because Symetra has several different transmittals it uses. Symetra assigns your agency a certain transmittal and SureLC has no idea which one that is. You have to send a blank copy of the Symetra transmittal to so it can be added.


Additionally: If you find a certain form is not showing on the Documents tab when processing a Contracting Request, it doesn't necessarily mean that the form is not included in your SureLC setup. To verify if a certain carrier form is available to you in SureLC, go to the Carrier Settings Tab and click on the carrier in question. Next, scroll down to the carrier forms to see what forms are available to you, verify if the form you need is included. Use the View button to preview each form, or you can select the Download forms button. If the form is listed, then perhaps you have set the producer up incorrectly or incorrectly set up the contracting request and because of this, the correct forms are not producing.

  • Example: You need the Assignment of Commissions form to populate for a producer with a certain carrier. You go to process the contracting request but the Assignment form is not showing in Step 8. You go to the carrier on your Settings > Carrier tab and see that the form is included in the Carrier Forms section. It could be that you have the producer set up as an Individual on his/her DBA Tab but do not have Assigning Commissions checked. If this is the case, the Assignment of Commissions form will not generate.
  • Another Example: The Business Application for a certain producer and carrier is not generating on Step 8 when processing. How is the producer set up on his/her DBA Tab? If the producer is set up as an Individual or Licensed Only Agent (in some cases) the Business Application will not generate. The producer would need to be set to Business Entity on the DBA Tab in order for the Business Application to generate.
  • One More: You are going to process a contracting request and on Step 8, the Annuity Application is not generating. You go and verify that the form is indeed listed for that carrier under Settings > Carrier > Carrier Forms. In this case, look at the Contracting Request and verity which product(s) are selected. If Fixed Life is the only product chosen, then the Annuity Application would not generate on Step 8. Select an Annuity product on Step 2 of the request and the Annuity Application will generate on Step 8 as needed. 
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