Setting Up Carriers by Affiliation

Stephen Vargo -

With this new feature, setting up carriers for your affiliations has never been easier. 


To enable/disable carriers for each affiliation, follow these steps:

1.  Once you are logged into SureLC, click on "Agency L&C Setup" from the home screen

2.  Click on the Admins tab at the bottom of the screen



3.  Create a new Affiliation if you have not already done so. On the right side of the Admins screen, click on "Add"


4. Enter the name of the Affiliation



4.  Choose the affiliation for which you want to enable/disable carriers

5.  Select the "Set Carriers" button



6.  All of the carriers you have set as "Available" in the "Carriers" tab will now be displayed



7.  From here you can "Select All" or "Deselect All" the carriers.  You can also individually check (enable) or un-check (disable) each carrier individually for the selected affiliation.

8.  After you have made your choices, click "OK" to save the settings for this affiliation.



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