How to Manage Contact Information

Chris Toth -

Many carriers have forms requesting contact information in case they have follow-up questions on requests submitted.  Our GA Contact Information feature allows you to choose from general settings or custom settings on a per carrier basis.

The default setting will map your agency's general email address and office manager name wherever the carrier's forms ask for a contact name and contact email address.

However you can choose a more defined contact based on your agency's needs:

  • Use the default settings (General Email & Office Manager)
  • Use the Processing Admin's Name & Email
  • Or create something unique

Under your General Agency Setup page choose from the following to map settings across ALL carriers:




If you have a need to change the contact information for a specific carrier you can use the OVERRIDE GA Contact Information settings within the carrier specific settings.  This will OVERRIDE whatever master settings you have on your General Agency setup page for this one carrier.

Having this kind of flexibility will help with any carrier specific needs such as the following:

  • Maybe you have a specific contract under an upline and you need to map your Upline's contact information on one specific carrier's forms.  Apply the Custom Contact option.
  • Maybe you prefer each Admin receive their own follow-up for requests they've submitted.  Apply the Processing Admin option.

To apply the OVERRIDE settings on a specific carrier:

  • Go to the carrier menu page
  • Select the carrier from your list
  • Enable the setting labeled "Override GA Contact Information"
  • Apply the preferred setting





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