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This article explains how to add an existing individual Errors & Omissions Insurance policy to your SureLC profile.  If you don't already have an E&O insurance policy you may be able to purchase it on the E&O Insurance page (please note not all agencies have this enabled). For more information about how to purchase a new or renew an existing E&O policy through CalSurance click here.  


How to Add an Existing E&O Policy 

Step1: Login to your SureLC profile and select E&O Insurance in the navigation menu.  If you're not sure how to log in to your profile, click here


Step 2
: Locate the Add Existing E&O Policy section and select ADD EXISTING POLICY.  


Step 3:
A window will appear (an example is shown below) where you can navigate to the folder which contains your E&O policy declaration page that is stored on your computer.  Select your E&O policy declaration page in order to upload it to your SureLC profile.


Step 4:
Once the policy is shown review the information added to each field to make sure it matches the policy and edit if needed. Make sure all the required fields (highlighted in red) are updated. The required information can be found on the E&O declaration page shown at the bottom of the screen (scroll down to see the rest of the policy information). Please note the certificate number is optional and only has to be added when you have a certificate number on the policy. 


After reviewing and updating the required fields to ensure they match your policy click SAVE & EXIT to update your SureLC profile. 


Step 5:
Once your profile has been updated the E&O policy information will be shown on top of the Errors & Omissions page. 


Please Note: The E&O policy declaration page uploaded will also be added and available for review in the profile documents section of your profile. 



For additional help uploading your E&O policy please contact your agency.  Your agency's contact information can be found in the help & support section of your profile. 





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