How Do I PRESET Our Recruiter Signature?

Chris Toth -

How do I PRESET our Recruiter Signature so it's not missed when submitting the request to the carrier?

Designating upline signatures within your carrier settings will streamline the workflow.  No more headaches receiving a NIGO response because an Upline signature was missing.

  • Go to your Agency L&C Setup page
  • Select the Carriers Tab
  • Select the "SET DEFAULT SIGNATURES" button



  • Choose a person within your Producer list to store as the signor role.
  • Select the "SAVE" button.



Please ensure you select and save a signor for each schedule you've created.




Why do some carriers have a Default Signature button while others don't? 

This really depends on how the upline signature was coded for the selected carrier. We have 2 options for this: 
Option 1) When using "Certified By" coding we map to the Principal list and default to the first person in the list on the last step of the contract processing workflow (in the signature section). When coded this way the carrier will not have a default signature button.  

Option 2) When there is a "Set Default Signatures" button for the carrier schedule, signature labels map from the full producer list and can be pre-set in the schedule settings. 

Please note we prefer to use option 2 whenever possible. But in many cases, we apply option 1 when the signor person represents the very top of the hierarchy. 

  Most Upline signatures can be preset in your schedule settings. Such as Recruiter signatures, Direct   
  Upline signatures, and many other middle hierarchy signature roles.

  Only those that require the very top Upline signor are mapped to your Principal list and default to
  the first person in the Principal list. They'll be listed as "Certified By" signature roles in the last step
  of the request.

  Although they default to the first Principal in the list, you'll have complete flexibility in changing that   
  signor person to someone further down in the Principal list of your account.
  However, this signor role cannot be preset in your schedule settings. it would need to be selected with
  each request if the primary principle does not apply"



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