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American General requires Annuity State training and Product Training for all NAIC states, which applies to you:


Please click on the link below to complete the product specific training for American General.  Attached you will find information that will assist you in completing product training for American General.  Once you have completed the training please let me know the day you completed the training and the title of the training completed.  I will verify with American General they have received record of your completed training.  

This training will need to be completed before taking a client application in all states that require NAIC Annuity Suitability Training.


You can click on the following link to complete the product training for American General:

  • Log in if you have previously registered on Quest. If you have not, please register to access their site and log in.
  • Click add product training along the left side of the screen, select the course for American General specific to the product you will be selling. Products are listed under the course name.  

     **If you do not see AIG/American General, click manage appointments and select AIG/American General from the drop down.

  • Read through the slides then start the Exam
  • Please be sure to print your completion certificate at the end of the course and then fax or email a copy to my attention.




*Effective 5/19/2014: All agents regardless of state are required to complete the Index Annuity training course

Go to

  1. Click Register to register with the website or Login if already registered (Note: you will not need CRD# and NPN# to registered just put number 1 in those spaces)
  2. Click Continue to step 1
  3. Click NAIC Requirement
  4. Next screen click Skip Step 1
  5. On the next screen, Choose your Broker Dealer (if not affiliated with a B/D choose “Independent”) & Carrier
  6. Click on the course you would like to take & click on Select Course on the bottom of the page
  7. Click Start to begin a course

FIXEDALL0618 covers the following products:

American Pathway
American Pathway Deferred Income Annuity American Pathway Fixed 5
American Pathway Fixed 7
American Pathway Immediate Annuity SPIA American Pathway Solutions

I5281CB.8 covers the following products:

Power 10 Protector
Power 10 Protector Plus Income Power 7 Protector
Power 7 Protector Plus Income

I52821LS.9 covers the following products:

Power Select Plus Income
Power Select Builder Index Annuity

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