Producer Contracts Tab

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The Contracts tab shows producer contracts that were:

A) Added by marking a SureLC Contracting Request as 'Completed'

B) Added manually

C) Created from a carrier data feed


1. Active Tab - This tab lists all active carrier contracts created by any of the methods listed above. Please note that when you mark a Contracting Request as 'Completed,' it cannot be changed back to Pending.  

2. Terminated Tab - This tab shows a list of any contracts that were marked terminated in SureLC. Marking an active contract as terminated will move it from the Active to the Terminated tab. Terminating a contract record in SureLC does not terminate the contract with the Carrier. Contact the Carrier directly to terminate a contract.

3. RAW Tab/NIPR State Appointments - This tab will only be shown when your agency's NIPR Alerts are enabled. The NIPR State Appts tab shows carrier appointments listed in NIPR's database that DO NOT have a contract record in SureLC. 


4. Add Contract Record - Select to add an existing active contract record to the producer profile. Please note that this option is for reference only and should ONLY be used to add carrier contracts that were through YOUR agency. When prompted, provide the required information to add the contract record. 


5. Contract Example - This contract example shows a John Hancock contract that was completed on 06/29/2023. The default view shows the carrier name, agent number, products, and start date.  Select the carrier row for more details and options, such as: 

6. Get Paperwork - Select the download link for a PDF contract copy. This option is only available for contracts processed through your SureLC account.  

7. Edit - Select the pencil icon to update the contract information (such as the agent number or start date) and terminate the contract if needed. 

8. Appointments - List of the state appointments pertaining to the carrier contract.





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