Annuities Genius - SureLC Integration

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This article provides a high-level overview of the integration between SureLC and Annuities Genius. Select any of the sections in the index below to learn more about the benefits of the integration between SureLC and Annuities Genius.  


1. Signing up 

2. Annuities Genius Dashboard 

3. Annuities Genius E-Apps 

4. Producer Settings - Compliance (Licenses) 

5. Deck 

6. Auto Loading Producer Info into E-App 

7. Billing 






1. Signing up 

Producers can sign up for a 7 day free trial right from their SureLC profile. To sign up, producers will do the following: 

Step1: Login to their SureLC profile. 

Step2: Go to the CE & Training page and scroll down to the Annuity section. Select the header row to expand the view. 

Step3: Select the Annuities Genius 7-DAY FREE TRIAL button.  

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 7.15.02 PM.png

Step 4: Producers who aren't familiar with Annuities Genius should watch the demo video to learn about the features & benefits. To continue, select the Start 7-day free trial now button at the bottom of the page. 

Start Trial Step 1 - Video Overview.png

Step 5: Once the trial is started, producers can review their info and the license agreement.  Producer info is automatically populated from their SureLC producer profile. 

Confirmation and Signup.png


2. Annuities Genius Dashboard 

Once the free trial is started, producers will have access to the Annuities Genius dashboard. The menu on the left will be used to navigate through through the software. The logged in user is shown on the top right. From here, producers can access e-applications, decks, compliance information, and more. 

Annuity Genius Main Dashboard.png


3. Annuities Genius E-Apps 

Select E-Applications to add new, or mange existing e-applications. The SureLC integration provides important information about whether or not carrier requirements have been met for each application as shown in the example below. The colored badges indicate if anything is missing.  

E Applications 1.png
Notice that each e-application shows if any carrier requirements are missing (such as AML, active state licenses, state appointments, carrier contracts, or errors & omissions insurance information). These warnings are synchronized from the producer SureLC profile. Once the missing information has been added to the producer profile it will be reflected in Annuities Genius and the badges will be updated. 

E Applications 2 - Requirements.png


New Annuity E-Application 

When integration is enabled, missing carrier requirements will also be shown here to help avoid NIGO issues with the carrier.

New E-Application.png

Click on the badges for more information. Details show missing information that will cause problems with the new business submission to the carrier. 

New E-App 2.png


4. Producer Settings - Compliance (Licenses) 

For compliance purposes producer licenses information is synchronized from SureLC to Annuities Genius. Producer licenses are listed under producers settings in the compliance section. 

AG Dashboard Settings.png

The Compliance section shows if the SureLC integration is active and will list ALL of the producers's active state licenses synchronized from SureLC. The SureLC logo will also only be shown on the bottom left of the navigatino menu when integration is active. 

AG Settings - Compliance 2 - Licenses.png


5. Deck & Carrier / Product Availability 

Producers will use the deck to create presentations for pending client contracts. Please note ONLY the carriers and products that are active under the SureLC agency account will be listed here. Please note that if there are any carrier or product restrictions (setup by affiliation or carrier rules those carriers and products will be excluded). 

AG Decks 1.png


6. Auto Loading Producer Info into E-App 

When creating a new e-application producer information can be loaded right from the SureLC profile to save time...

Load From SLC.png


7. Billing 

Please note that when a producer signs up to Annuities Genius they will be billed for the software from Annuities Genius. There are no charges to your agency. 


For additional information please visit the Annuities Genius website at  Producers will find additional resources that explain how to use their application with the application. For more information about how to use Annuities Genius please review their training materials and other resources. Thank you. 











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