Use SureLC with a Foreign Language

Jim Friend -

Many web browsers support translation options (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari). Here is an example of how to use and configure language translation Chrome.  

  • Go to the webpage that you want to translate and then right click the page. From the options list select "Translate into ...<language>". For example, if you wanted to translate the web page from English to Spanish select "Translate to espanol". 


  • As long as the desired language is available the page will be translated into that language: 


  • If the language is not listed you'll need to update your browser settings. To do this, select the action button on the top right and then select settings. Other browsers have similar options as well. 


  • From the settings page select Languages in the menu on the left. Next, in the Google Translate section on the right make sure that "Translate into this language" shows the desired language (for this example, Spanish-espanol). 


  • Finally, go back to the web page and right click the page again and select "Translate to <your desired language>". 


For more information please review the following article: 

Change Chrome Languages & Translate webpages

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