Differences Between SureLC-Web and SureLC-Desktop

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SureLC-Web is designed for producers to complete their information and submit appointment requests to your agency on the web. Producers using SureLC-Web find it easier to use instead of downloading SureLC-Desktop to their computers.
SureLC-Desktop is designed for Agency Workers to add producers, manage their carrier relationship information and process Contracting paperwork. Agency Workers should use SureLC-Desktop instead of SureLC-Web.
Agency Workers should not use SureLC-Web to process contracts for the following reasons:
  • The web version of SureLC does not include the toolbar Menu that allows admins to open another instance of the software in a new window so they can work in two different modules simultaneously.
  • The web version of SureLC does not include the Download Forms option on the Carriers Tab. 
  • During the processing phase, Agency Workers cannot modify any text on PDF forms (such as commission levels, hierarchy, etc.). With SureLC-Desktop, Agency Workers can manually type on the hierarchy/transmittal forms the desired compensation/hierarchy levels. On SureLC-Web, Agency Workers do not have this capability. SureLC-Desktop gives better functionality to agency users. 
  • During the processing phase, SureLC Desktop auto-saves completed contracting paperwork to either the user's local machines or the Agency's designated network drive folder location.


With SureLC-Web, processed contracts are not saved to the Agency Workers' local machine or their designated network drive. To save contracting forms processed through SureLC-Web the Agency Worker has to receive emails containing the processed contracts then save them locally or to a network drive --- this is an extra step for the Agency Worker compared to using SureLC-Desktop.

These limitations are a result of working with PDF forms through your Web-Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and not a limitation of SureLC. Consider using SureLC-Desktop if your agency requires these capabilities.
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