Release Date: September 27, 2013 (App Version 2.009.234)

Jeremiah Coleman -


1. Allianz appointment requests will now include 2 preview validation steps. The Allianz appointment requests paperwork (FCRA and FCRA_summary) forms are previewed separately, before producer can see full merged paperwork.

2. SCAN tab: agency fax number label added for producer view when the agent/producer is logged into SureLC.


Bugs fixed

1. Displayed incorrect From and To dates in some cases in Producer profile.

2. AgencySetup->Carriers->Set Affiliation: Affiliation name was truncated in cases where the name exceeded the space available. A scroll bar has been added.

3. E&O: replace/delete functionality has been corrected

4. E&O: certificate issue where the preview hangs after archiving E&O form has been resolved.

5.  A producer's E&O tab: erroneous (or phantom) E&O group policy links have been removed

6. Agency E&O tab: Interface is blocked in cases where no E&O policy is on file for agency

7. 1st step of the appointment request: The search box is disabled for appointment requests already saved. This prevents the possibility of an appointment carrier switch

8. Licenses->Add License: 'Licensed On' field validation corrected in cases where the date is entered manually

9. Minor UI fixes/enhancements

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