Release Date: September 16, 2013 (App Version 2.008.913)

Jeremiah Coleman -


1. The E&O functionality for producers and firms was redesigned for a simpler user interface layout and logic enhancements. Now only valid E&O policies are taken into account for the appointment paperwork. Incomplete, or expired, E&O policies will not be taken into account. If more than one policy covering the producer is available, their certificates are merged together for the E&O pdf form, the system will choose according to the following order: BGA Master policy->Producer's own policy->Firm's policy (this last for dba Business Entity only).

2. Added  information message on  'Business Voided Check' form on the Producer Profile SCAN tab; for Business Entity agents. 

3 LIMRA pull for producers now available on Agency level. Please contact Surancebay if you are interested. 

4. 'Carrier per Affiliation' feature (initiated by 'Set Affiliation' button in the Agency Setup->Carriers tab) enabled for the agencies having 'Subagency Access' and 'Strict Branches' features off, is now live and available. Contact Surancebay if you need assistance or further information. 

Bugs fixed

1. Single Sign On Add Me issue has been resolved

2. Resolved issue preventing producer add via NPN mode

3. Issue with adding a producer that has a last name consisting with two or more parts is resolved

4. EFT bank address: address lines were missing on user interface just after bank data was auto-populated

5.  When adding a producer, the system failed to progress past the Add Me stage. This has been resolved. 

6. Auto suggest policy number logic for E&O policy number was redesigned. You will be able to enter the number fully without the system over-writing the policy with a suggestion.

7. Add producer-> email field: email domain validation was corrected. Previously some email domains were not recognized as valid. 

8. Producer profile -> E&O tab: system was stalling on opening in cases where there is no E&O policy created, yet E&O form is missing has been corrected.

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