Release Date: October 24, 2013 (App Version 2.010.000)

Jeremiah Coleman -


1. New 2-stage review process introduced for all Allianz appointment requests. The preview of the review process will display the FCRA and FCRA Summary forms after the full merged appointment paperwork preview. This is in accordance with Allianz requirements.

2. Single Sign On (SSO) feature was enhanced to allow update of the graphical user identification (guId) from the URL string passed by the agency for the producer when the login and password match. The passed over guId value will be added to SureLC systems for SSO handling. 

3. Helpful explanation text was added to the E&O tab for producers to better help with the handling of these policies. 

4. The Prescriptions Check icon has been temporarily disabled for all agencies as Surancebay resolves reporting requirements.

Bugs fixed

1. The Doing Business As (DBA) option selected for an agent was not saving in some cases.

2. Error warning icons on producer profile cards in Info and Appointments were not displaying timely.

3. Producer E&O policy was not displaying under the agent's profile, E&O tab. 

4. E&O policies uploaded to SureLC via the Scan tab were not being linked or displayed in the E&O tab.

5. Errors when opening the Screening tab under the producer's profile.

6. Some employment history records were unavailable in the Non Resident License (NRL) request if less than 5 records were available.

7. Agency E&O policy was not applied to carrier forms even if the producer is covered by this agency policy and policy certificate was included in the EnO document.

8. Under Agency Setup > E&O covered affiliation settings - other affiliation names were included as a sub-string  in error.

9. Agency Setup > Administrators > Sync Affiliations - names containing commas were wrongly processed.

10. E&O was not being selected by default during the appointment process on step 5 of 5.

11. Appointment requests with Request Review error when BGA phone number was not specified.

12. 'Missing Active Resident License' error on the producer' s card did not update after adding resident license manually.

13. Scan tab displayed messages have been corrected.

14. 'Missing EFT info' error wasn't updated for producers with business type "Business Entity"

15. 'Missing EFT info' error wasn't displayed if account type was not specified

16. 'Producer's profile-> EFT tab: wrong Bank name was autopopulated for some routing number values

17. 'Appointment Request->Commissions/Hierarchy: Data input issue in the custom grid 

18. Forgot password: If more than one profile is associated with the same user email for login, the SureLC system was defaulting to the oldest created profile. Now  the last used profile will be selected by default.

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