Release Date: November 26, 2013 (App Version 2.010.976)

Jeremiah Coleman -


1.  The Info and Appointments Producer Questions tab: 'All No' button has been removed as an option. Each question will need to be answered individually. 


Bugs fixed

1. FINRA report import code adjustment for the new FINRA website layout. You may resume FINRA imports on producer Training tab.

2. Appointment request forms preview step removed for the carriers that do not require preview.

3. Producer profile -> Request Appointment by BGA: Revert to producer list has been resolved. 

4. Appointment Request preview - signature confirmation: 'Confirm' button would not enable in the preview screen (if single 1-paged form is previewed)

5. DBA tab -> Add firm: "Company Name: Not Found" was displayed after entering the EIN of the firm that is registered with NIPR due to producer has been recently added to SureLC.

6.  Producer profile-> E&O tab: E&O policy duplicates were created sometimes when a new E&O policy was added.

7.  Producer profile-> E&O tab: sometimes entered Carrier/Case Limit/Total limit values were not saved into the database.

8. Producer profile -> EFT tab: an error displayed after entering a 9-digit zip-code.

9. Appointment request electronic submissions to American General failed to move to  'Carrier' stage in some cases.

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