Release Date: October 8th, 2014

Jeremiah Coleman -


  • Questions tab: Some answers were still requiring review and confirmation from producer even after completed. 
  • NIPR Tab: Resident address was not validating in some cases. 
  • FINRA reports would not import due to updates on FINRA website. 
  • FINRA search criteria updated and enhanced.
  • Single Sign On (SSO): issues with conflicting parameters being passed.
  • Appointment Requests: updated logic to allow carrier-specific questions answerable by GA when called for.
  • Appointment Requests: updated logic to not allow appointment request by administrator if producer profile is missing signature on file.
  • Appointment Requests: Default non-FMO-specific schedule is displayed on 4th step of request if EU reopens existing request.
  • Training Tab: Problem with auto-filling 'Broker-Dealer' field in the "FINRA registration info".
  • Add Producer: Update to how system handles when BGA administrator attempts to add producer whom is already added to the BGA.
  • Reports: User interface issues related to on screen controls.
  • Contracts tab: EU cannot add new contract if there is at least one for the same carrier, even with different Agent Number.
  • Producer profile: History tab > Employment history is less than 7 years in some cases.
  • Agency Setup: Affiliations list sorted alphabetically.



  • User Interface input update for email, phone and address on NIPR tab.
  • Automation of bootstrap version logic.
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