Release Date: December 1st, 2014

Anatole T. -

New Features

  • Users can now search for producers in Info & Appointments section by last 4 digits of producer's SSN. 
  • Additional help videos added for producers when they click on the "?" icon on each page within SureLC.
  • New email templates added. Also, added the ability to add Affiliation name to subject lines as well as body of email text.
  • Upon exiting producer's profile, user is brought back to similar search screen vs. having to use vertical scroll bar.
  • Enhancements made to OCR Process - when forms uploaded within Scan Tab, performance should be better when recognizing forms.
  • Add Config Tab - now more user-friendly. See details by CLICKING HERE.
  • Auto-Designation of DBA Type now available in both Add Config Tab as well as DBA Tab Templates (Agency Setup > DBA).
  • Made manually adding state licenses easier and more intuitive. CLICK HERE for details.
  • Enabled "Deselect All" button from Agency Setup > Carriers so that it's easier to designate producer affiliations with access to designated carriers.
  • Carriers supporting direct integration from SureLC, and those agencies activated for such integration - can now re-process paperwork to make changes after the original submission occurred. Now, if the user needs to re-process a contract after electronic submission, the user will receive the merged.pdf file in their email inbox WITHOUT the watermark so they can manually submit to the carrier. (Banner Life, William Penn, and American General as of this writing are the only ones affected).
  • Now - Agencies can designate product lines and state availability on a per-carrier and/or per-affiliation basis within Agency Setup > Carriers. CLICK HERE for more details.
  • Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan have been added as additional product lines.


Bug Fixes

  • Usability Items

    • Fixed issue some users experienced trying to reset/retrieve password via cell phones.
    • Enhancements made for using email/password + GUID parameter for Single-Sign-On (SSO) users.
    • Removed ability for producers to select "Hierarchy" from request types during appointment process. Now, only agency admins can make this selection.
    • Error messages sometimes displayed when attempting to add a business entity without pulling the business entity's PDB report from NIPR. Also made this button more intuitive.
    • Re-labeled "Branches" to "Affiliations" for more consistent user-interface (UI).
    • Removed "Confirmation Code" from email template when agency users are adding producers and have selected email invite sent to the producer. Confirmation Code no longer used, hence it was removed from the email template.
    • During the appointment request process, producers not licensed in New York were still presented the option to select New York as an available state. 
    • Agency Setup > Billing & Payments - disabled the ability for the user to submit multiple payment requests within 2 minute window in order to prevent submitting duplicate requests.
    • Added Green Check Marks to make the user-interface more intuitive to the user as far as which selections were made.
    • Enhancements to the Contracts Tab within a producer's profile were made.
    • Updated warning messages to be more intuitive:
      • Adding business entity via NIPR PDB pull when account balance is low or negative.
      • Updated warning message when user tries to leave appointment request without actually processing it.
    • Fixed bug where "Next" button was deactivated after background questions were re-confirmed (which happens after 60 days of inactivity).


  • Validation Items

    • E&O Declaration Page - erroneous error message was displayed on E&O Tab even though E&O declaration page was included within the producer's SCAN Tab.
    • Fixed error message when deleting master E&O policy in Agency Setup
    • Fixed issue where users archive Explanation or Court Docs within Scan Tab - Questions Tab in Producer's profile was giving false indication in this scenario that Court Docs or Explanations were tied to yes answered background question. Now, if these docs are archived, Questions Tab shows outstanding requirement to include explanations or court docs.
    • Fixed validation error message when clicking on red ! on DBA Tab to explain exactly what the issue/problem is so it can be resolved.


  • System Items

    • Add Config Tool - URL creation bug resolved related to extra spaces in URL. This was causing some carrier selections not to be visible to producers.
    • Fixed mismatch of Blanket & Certificate Type master E&O policies, particularly cross referencing data/images in Agency Setup vs. the producer's profiles.
    • Business Phone Number - fixed issue that sometimes was causing erroneous error messages to be displayed to end-users.
    • Fixed issue so that warning message is displayed to end-users when their Adobe Reader PDF configuration settings aren't up to date. CLICK HERE for Adobe Reader PDF settings as it relates to using SureLC.
    • Fixed address editor in DBA Tab when producer is DBA Individual but assigning commissions.
    • Adding Sub-Agency Worker now requires designating allowed Affiliation. Previously, selecting allowed Affiliation wasn't required.
    • When producer exits appointment request prior to submitting, sometimes the stage was erroneously set to "@Producer" when it should have been set to "@Discarded".
    • Login for reviewing paperwork by producers using SSN/DOB combination was failing sometimes. Issues related to this are now fixed.
    • SureLC was locking up for some users when selecting from "Certified By" section on the last step of Appointment process. Now, this is fixed for all users.
    • Sometimes, created on date wasn't showing up in the Reports > Appointments By Producer. Now, this is fixed/resolved.
    • Some users when opening SureLC got stuck on "Checking for New Version". Now, this is fixed for all users.


  • Licenses Items
    • Fixed bug related to some licenses that are eligible for renewal but weren't displayed without refreshing the page. Now, all eligible licenses for renewal will be displayed without requiring page refresh.
    • Fixed synchronization issue with NIPR when pulling lines of authority related to license renewals.
    • Auto-Select of licenses now only includes those eligible for renewal vs. all licenses.
    • Added Summary Page requiring acceptance prior to processing license requests via SureLC.


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