Release Date: July 6, 2015

Anatole T. -

SureLC Release Notes - July 2015

1 - New Password Requirements:

  • Must be 8-32 characters
  • Must contain AT LEAST one of each:
    • uppercase letter
    • lowercase letter
    • number
    • special character - !@#%&-_.^? );
  • Must be different than the last 13 passwords
  • Passwords expire every 90 days
    (all current passwords begin aging on 7/6/15 and will expire 90 days later)
  • 5 unsuccessful login attempts in a row will cause the account to be locked out - the lock-out will last for 1 hour, after which the user will be able to try again. This will only apply to accounts that have unique usernames (emails) to prevent locking out any accounts that share an email because of one user’s failed login.

SuranceBay admins will not be able to look up the password in the database. They can only initiate a password reset, which will trigger an email to the producer with a reset password link.

2 - New Add Producer Workflow
Adding a new producer will now be done through a wizard instead of just one screen. The producer’s DOB will now be required. The password is not specified while adding a producer anymore. Instead, the producer will get an activation link sent to his/her email. When they click the link they will be able to set their password. This email is sent instead of the current invitation email.

3 - New Forgot Username/Password wizard for producers
Mostly similar to the current workflow, but made more user-friendly and is subject to the new password rules.

4 - Changes to Add Config tab and SSO URLs
New SSO links (URLs) using login.jsp (those created from the Add Config tab) will have limited parameters (can no longer include a user’s email, password, guid, SSN, last name or DOB). This restriction will be be enforced for existing SSO links starting on 9/1/2015; until then users will get a warning notice about this upcoming change. The Add Config tab UI has changed - the section with Add Producer mockup on the left-hand side of the screen has been removed (since the Add Producer UI has changed), the settings grid was redesigned.

5 - Restrict Editing of Producer DOB, Last Name/Firm Name and SSN/FEID
Users will not be allowed to edit the producer’s DOB, last name / firm name, or SSN / FEID in SureLC directly (on the NIPR tab). SureLC will only allow the profile to be synced with NIPR in order to change the DOB, last name / firm name, and SSN / FEID.

6 - Limit Firm Editing to Firm Profile Only
Firm data in the DBA tab of the producer that is a Business Entity DBA type will be displayed as read-only and may be edited only in the firm's profile itself (using Edit Firm button).

7 - New Payment Module
To eliminate the storing of sensitive account data SureLC will begin using a native UI to manage credit cards and checking accounts. This feature is configurable per BGA and will be enabled for all producers and new BGAs by default, and disabled for all existing BGAs by default. This will be enabled for existing BGAs little by little to allow for a smooth transition.

8 - Producer Preferences
A new Preferences button on the producer’s home screen will enable the following functions:

  • Producer will be able to remove themselves from a specific BGA account
  • Change Username
  • Change Password
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