Release Date: October 6, 2015 (App Version 3.121.346)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version 3.121.346

New Features

  • Added a feature that allows producers to buy E&O coverage from Arthur J Gallagher (Everest Group) directly within SureLC!
    The feature includes:
    • Purchase (or renew) E&O coverage with a quick and easy to use process, built right into the producer's E&O tab.
    • Producers will receive email notifications when they have E&O policies that are nearing expiration.
    • An additional option is now available during a producer's appointment request, giving the ability to initiate an E&O coverage request to Arthur J Gallagher.
    • Agencies can enable/disable this feature for all their producers or on a per Affiliation basis (see Agency Setup > Settings).
    • Currently not enabled for all states. If available to use in your state, this new feature will be visible.
    • More details can be found by clicking here.
  • Upgrades to the visual design have been implemented!
           There have been significant style changes applied to most areas of SureLC, and especially on the producer's E&O tab, to include:
    • New buttons, icons, and fonts.
    • A more structured and easy to use layout on each screen.
    • An E&O policies list that allows more than one active policy to be displayed at once.
    • Expired E&O policies are only shown if no active policy is displayed.
    • E&O Policies that expired over one year prior are no longer displayed.
  • UserID (mail) Uniqueness Requirement
    • All producers under the same BGA must use a unique login email.  For existing producers who share a login email with other producers under the same BGA: SureLC will prompt the producer to change their login email the next time they log in.
  • You can now choose "Not Affiliated" as an option in the covered affiliations list of a BGA's group policies in the Agency Setup -> E&O tab.
    This new option makes it possible to apply a blanket E&O policy to non-affiliated producers, whereas previously this could only be done for affiliated producers.
  • During log in, SureLC will notify you if your password is set to expire in 10 days or less. 
  • Most passwords will be expiring soon due to the 90 day password expiration policy that was implemented on July 6th.  REMINDER: all new passwords must follow the updated password requirements described here.
  • All agencies now have access to the “Contacts per Affiliation” feature, which allows them to define specific contact information on a per affiliation basis.  When specific contact information is defined for an affiliation, that information will appear in the emails sent to producers in place of the agency’s contact information.  This feature requires certain account settings so contact for more information.
  • Added FFM (Federally Facilitated Marketplace) Certificate as an available Form Type on the Scan Tab.
  • Multiple explanation documents can now to be attached to each background question.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed a problem where some confirmed appointment requests were not being updated properly.
  • Fixed an issue where product selection was not validated from the appointment request.
  • Fixed employment history error message that affected some users.
  • Fixed a couple issues with email addresses being displayed properly.
  • Added additional links to user support guides on the relevant SureLC pages.
  • Fixed an issue that would direct a producer to the login page after reviewing an appointment request.  This option is configurable for each agency.
  • Fixed an issue that would direct a user to the wrong page when logging back in from an auto log out.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the explanations document from being visible when the producer reviewed the contracting paperwork.
  • Fixed a problem where the Use GA Address check box was not applying the correct address when an appointment was processed.
  • Add Producer screens and account activation emails will now show the affiliation name instead of your agency name appropriately based on your account configuration.
  • Fixed the issue where LIMRA AML training screenshots were not including the producer's name.
  • Corrected signature error messages that affected a producer's workflow during an appointment request.
  • Fixed issue with some license numbers not being recognized.
  • Corrected issue with notification bubbles not appearing.
  • Updated appointment request email to notify BGA' s when a signature confirmation is included in the initial appointment request.
  • Added "2 months prior" option for BGA's to be notified of Producer license expiration.
  • Fixed issue where exporting Web Reports to the CSV file format did not work in some cases.
  • Corrected title on steps 1 and 2 of the appointment process.
  • Fixed issue with web access permissions.
  • BGA admin's can bypass step 3 of appointment request when needed.
  • Fixed an issue on the last step of Payment Requests that was preventing them from being processed without extra steps.
  • Fixed occasional error message when previewing CourtDocs.
  • In a firm's profile, an EIN that has previously been added cannot be changed.
  • In the Billing tab, once the "Automatically Extend" mode is enabled for a subscription, the subscription section is disabled except for the "Terminate" button.  This was done to prevent unintended duplicate manual payments while a subscription is active.


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