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SuranceBay offers subscribers of our service the ability to set-up what we refer to as "Sub-Agency Access." This posting covers the following topics:



The best way to describe this is by example. If you are reading this, then that means that you work at or for an agency that currently subscribes to SureLC. For illustration purposes, assume your agency's name is "ABC Agency."

Now, assume that your agency works with a sub-agency called "XYZ Agency." 'XYZ Agency' recruits producers to them, but eventually, everything runs through your agency, ABC Agency.

From SuranceBay's perspective - we consider XYZ Agency a "Sub-Agency" of yours.  



Sub-Agency access is where your agency allows XYZ Agency to "piggy-back" on your SureLC Account but limit access to SureLC functions. Your agency can set up as many Sub-Agencies as needed if you elect to add this feature to your SureLC account.



View the video below to "see" how Sub-Agency access works in SureLC: 




Q1.  What can John Doe or Suzy Smith do with SureLC as Sub-Agency users on my account? 

A1.  They can add producers, set up producer profiles, as well as submit appointment requests to their producers to Review the Paperwork.  After a producer reviews their paperwork, an email confirmation is sent to your agency, not the sub-agency's email address. Sub-Agency's cannot process contracting paperwork or review contracting paperwork on behalf of the producer UNLESS the sub-agency worker has been designated as an "Affiliate Processor".  This designation is available for you to enable on request - just send an email to if you have sub-agency access enabled and would like to designate any sub-agency workers as "Affiliate Processors".


Q2.  Can John Doe or Suzy Smith view all of my agency's producers or are they limited to seeing just their own producers?

A2.  They can only see their producers. If your agency has 1000 producers but XYZ agency only has 50 producers, they can only "see" their 50 producers not the 1,000 your agency works with.


Q3.  How does SureLC handle what producers with the XZY Agency can do?

A3.  Everything is based off the producer's "Affiliation" setup in your system. Should you have 1,000 agents, but 50 of them have an Affiliation equal to "XYZ Agency" ... then that dictates what producers John Doe or Suzy Smith can see.


Q4.  Can XYZ Agency submit contracting paperwork to the carrier?

A4.  Not by default.  Part of the submission process is to setup hierarchy/compensation levels as well as selection of the forms.  Typically only your agency users have the ability to do this.  Sub-Agency workers can submit producer appointment "requests" to the producer for review/confirmation and are not able to actually process the paperwork UNLESS you have designated the sub-agency worker as an "Affiliate Processor, as described in Q1 above.


Q5. Can my Sub Agency administrator(s) contact SuranceBay's Support Team for training, questions and issues?

A5. No. SuranceBay does not offer direct support to your Sub Agency administrator(s). Your agency is responsible for the training and support of your Sub Agency's. Please do not advise your Sub Agency administrator(s) to contact SuranceBay directly. If there is a true technical issue that needs to be addressed by the SuranceBay Support Team, you will need to send a ticket to describing the issue in detail so someone from our Support Team can assess the issue and get back to you with a resolution. 


Q6. How Much Does It Cost?

A6.  There is a one-time fee of $1 for your agency to set this functionality up.  This setup fee allows you to set up as many Sub-Agencies as you want.  Also, your agency is responsible for paying $49/month for EACH Sub-Agency you set up.  SuranceBay will not charge the Sub-Agency directly.  Note that SuranceBay expects all Sub-Agency workers that you set up to work directly with your office for SureLC support-related items.  Should your agency decide that you want your Sub-Agencies to contact SuranceBay for support-related items, there is an extra $100 / month charge assessed for each Sub-Agency you authorize to contact SuranceBay's Support Team for a minimum of 12 months.  It is SuranceBay's expectation that you do not provide Sub-Agencies with access to SuranceBay support. Your agency should handle supporting each of your Sub-Agencies. 


Q7.  My agency works with 50 carriers. I need the ability to limit, per "Affiliation", which carriers are available to producers so that they do not select a carrier for appointment that they are not authorized to work with.  

A7.  All agencies can restrict, based on Affiliation, which carriers are available to producers. CLICK HERE for more details.


Q8.  Can my Sub-Agencies have a dedicated URL that auto-fills certain information for their producers, such as affiliation?

A8.  Yes, this is part of the Sub-Agency setup.  If your agency has SureLC-Web enabled, each of your Sub-Agencies will have a dedicated URL that auto-defaults their producer's affiliation.  Please make sure your agency has SureLC-Web enabled before requesting this. More details are HERE.


Q9.  My Sub-Agencies want to ensure that their producers do not see my agency's name during the SureLC process. My Sub-Agencies want only their name shows up on the registration page. Is this possible?

A9.  Yes, this is included.  Producers affiliated with your Sub-Agencies will not see your agency's name, even though your agency is processing the paperwork. CLICK HERE to see the tutorial for how to set this up.  


Q10.  How do I move about going forward?

A10.  Signing up for Sub-Agency Access is handled directly within SureLC. Watch SureLC Sub Agencies to get started.  


Q11.  Is it possible to have a Sub-Agency Worker who can work with more than one Affiliation?

A11.  At this time, a Sub-Agency Worker can only work with one Affiliation.


Q12.  Are my Sub-Agency Workers signed up to receive email notices from SuranceBay?

A12.  This is optional.  By default, Sub-Agency Workers receive a welcome email informing them that you have added them as a Sub-Agency Worker.  This email has their access credentials in addition to the link to install SureLC.  We maintain a separate email distribution list for Sub-Agencies so they will only receive emails that are pertinent to them.  They are not on the normal email distribution list as our Agency Users. See Sub Agency Email Signup for more details.


Q13. I have a Sub-Agency who also has a Sub-Agency underneath them.  Does this functionality support 4 levels (BGA --> Sub-Agency --> Sub-Agency --> Producer)?

A13. Not at this time.  Currently, SureLC supports 3 levels (BGA --> Sub-Agency --> Producer).


Q14. Can I run a report of how many appointment requests we processed for our Sub Agency?

A14. Yes. From your SureLC Home screen, click on Reports, then Appointments By Producer. Choose a time frame from those available and once the report loads, click on the column labeled Affiliation to sort the report. You can then click Export in the upper right hand corner of the screen and open the report in Excel for further sorting and/or saving and/or printing. 


Q15. Who should I contact with any additional Questions?

A15.  Contact SuranceBay at 877-264-6888, or email us at

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