Glossary of Terms Used by SuranceBay

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SuranceBay currently works with 1000+ agencies, 750+ insurance companies, and 500,000+ insurance agents.  Throughout SuranceBay's Help Center SuranceBay uses common terminology. 

This page defines the terminology used in our Help Center postings:


* Producers - Otherwise known as agents, these are insurance agents or insurance producers.  SuranceBay uses producers to define those users who have access limited to their required functions within SureLC.  

* Agency Workers - Also known as Administrators. Agency Workers can add producers to your SureLC agency account, view standard web reports, view and submit contracting requests, view and edit producer profiles, and more.  Also, Agency Workers or Administrators can access the Agency Settings within SureLC.  For more information about this admin type click here

* Agency Managers - Agency Managers can do the everntying Agency Workers can do but they can also also access the Admins page where admin profiles are managed. Also, certain reports are available to Agency Managers and not available to Agency Workers. For more information about agency managers click here.  

* Affiliate Workers - Affiliate Agency Workers have limited access to SureLC under their parent agency's account for a single designated affiliation ONLY. These admins can perform specific functions such as register producers, review and update producer profiles, and send new carrier contract request emails to producers. However, they can ONLY manage producers assiged to their designated affiliation. Click here for additional information about affiliate agencies and agency workers.  Please note that Affiliate Agency Workers and their access is an 'add-on' feature only available to those SureLC Agencies that subscribe to Affiliate Agency Access.

* Affiliate  Processors - Affiliate Agency processors can do everything that affiliate workers can do but also have access to the Work Inbox where they can manage & process pending carrier contracts for the producers assigned to their designated affiliation. To learn more about affiliate processors click here. 



  • Business Entities - Also called "Firms". These are business entities with an Employer Tax Identification Number. 

  • Institutions - Institutions are like Business Entities, except that they're normally major banks or broker-dealers.  One of the key differences between Business Entities/Firms and Institutions is that Institutions typically do not have a signing officer.

  • Principals - This term is used in different contexts. The key is understanding the context with which the term appears.  For example, if we say, "The Principal of the Business Entity", then we're referring to the Owner/Officer of the Business Entity set up in SureLC.  If we say something like, "The Principal who signs off on the Carriers' Contracting paperwork....", then we're referring to that person who is set-up in Agency Settings > General Information who may be selected to sign off on the paperwork.

  • BGA - Brokerage General Agency. Sometimes, SuranceBay will use the word "Agency" or "IMO". These terms describe paying, subscribing clients to SuranceBay's software service solutions - SureLC. Within SureLC when you see the term BGA this represents your agency. 


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