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SuranceBay will no longer support integration with Ebix. This is entirely SuranceBay's decision, and has nothing to do with Ebix, who we value as a partner. Any questions, please email support[@]surancebay.com.


This article covers the following topics related to the integration between SureLC and Ebix' Smart Office:




A.  One-Direction Data Integration -  With SureLC's integration with NIPR, SureLC sends Address information and State License information from SureLC to your SmartOffice account. However, changes made by your agency to a producer's SmartOffice record related to licenses and/or addresses will not be updated in SureLC. Data from contracts processed through SureLC reflect in your SmartOffice account (not PDFs) but previously entered Contracting information in SmartOffice is not reflected in SureLC (no purpose for it at this time).

B.  Bi-Directional Data Integration - Information such as phone numbers, email addresses, DOB, names, etc. will be synchronized between the two systems.  

Should you update a phone number or email address in SmartOffice, that information is updated in SureLC. Information updated in SureLC updates the producer's record in SmartOffice.

As a user of both systems, you can manage which fields get updated. That way, you'll first see any discrepancies and can decide how to reconcile these differences. You can leave the discrepancies in data between both systems or merge the data from one system to another. See the overview video that further describes this integration.

C. UPDATE as of 9/13/2014 - Review the data-synchronization form PDF.




SuranceBay will charge your agency the amounts listed below for this data-integration. Ebix will not charge you separately for this integration. The producer quantity count is the total quantity of Active producers you have in your SureLC account.

* 0-250 producers = $50/mo.

* 251-999 producers = $100/mo.

* 1000+ producers = $150/mo.




Please click on the files labeled "Ebix-SureLC_1.pdf" and "Ebix_SureLC_2.pdf".

Note the scope of data updated in SureLC is limited to the basic producer demographics such as Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Cell, Phone, etc. Previous carrier appointment information, license data or producer data in SmartOffice is not updated in SureLC.  SureLC will send SmartOffice new carrier appointment data, state license data obtained through SureLC, and any producer demographics that are updated through the NIPR download.





For Agency's desiring to activate SureLC integration with their Smart Office account from Ebix, you must execute a separate Statement of Work (SOW). Click on the PDF labeled "SureLC_Ebix_Integration_SOW.pdf" and return a completed copy to support@surancebay.com. When SuranceBay receives the executed copy of the Statement of Work, SuranceBay will work with Ebix and your agency to activate the integration. It typically takes 2-3 business days after we receive the executed SOW until the integration is active for your agency.


Comment below, email us at support@surancebay.com, or call us at 877-264-6888.


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