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SuranceBay offers integration between SureLC and ClearCert to agencies who subscribe to this service.  If you are not familiar with ClearCert, please visit for more information. 

Once ClearCert integration is enabled, SureLC will automatically import producer LTC training information from ClearCert and add the information to your producer profiles. This information can be used to validate the  producer's training status right from their SureLC profile using the same system information as the Carrier. 

Utilizing this integration makes it easy to check the status of producer LTC training to get issued business done faster and to avoid producer frustration.  This article covers the following topics related to the integration between SureLC and ClearCert:





SuranceBay's integration with ClearCert allows you obtain and validate producer LTC training certification on a per-state basis directly in SureLC. ClearCert maintains a carrier-authorized state-by-state training rules engine that's incorporated into the SureLC integration so you can validate a producer's status with the carrier's LTC training requirements. ClearCert users also have direct access on the ClearCert website to validate producer Annuity Training information and obtain a certification report. 

Sample Certification Report

ClearCert Report Example-KW.png

Please Note: Certification Reports are included in the producer's profile and in contracting paperwork processed through SureLC. This is literally the same "page" used by the carrier to check training compliance, listing the producer's status and nationwide transcript of long-term care training completions.



How It Works

When the integration is enabled SureLC will check for producer LTC training information automatically and retreive that information and add it to the producer profile. This happens whenever a producer logs into their profile, when a producer profile is loaded by the agency, and when a new carrier contract request is created or opened. This ensures producer LTC training information is always up to date. 

When LTC training information is found the information will be added to the producer profile on the Training tab in the LTC Training section, and to the documents tab (as shown in the example below).
When required, LTC training information will be included with each new carrier contract when LTC products or LTC riders are selected. The ClearCert report will also be included in the carrier contracting bundle and sent to your carrier partners when required. 

Producer Profile Example -> Training Tab 



Producer Profile Example -> Documents Tab 

ClearCert Certification Reports will be listed on the documents tab within the producer profile. This allows you to obtain a copy of the reports anytime you need to provide them to carrier partners without having to process a contract. These reports can be viewed and/or downloaded from the documents tab when needed.



Contract Review Example -> Documents 

When the producer is qualified during the SureLC contract processing phase, a copy of the ClearCert Certification report will be included with the contracting bundle. 






Q1. Which carriers participate with ClearCert?
A1. The following carriers are supported by ClearCert: 

American Security and Life


Brighthouse Financial



Colonial Life

Combined Insurance

Corebridge Financial

Erie Family Insurance

Genworth Financial

Global Atlantic

Guardian Financial

John Hancock

Life Care Assurance

Lincoln Financial


Mutual of Omaha

Pacific Guardian Life

National Guardian Life

Pacific Life

Protective Life


Symetra Life Insurance Company

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans


Trustmark Financial




Q2. Can you give me an example of how this helps me?

A2. Tracking refresher training deadlines for long-term care producers is extremely challenging, especially for producers licensed in multiple states. That's because states use different deadlines and while a completion in one state may be reciprocal to another, the reciprocal state's training deadline still applies.

For example, an Iowa producer also licensed in North Dakota completes Iowa initial training on 6/1/2012. The producer's Iowa license expires on 12/31/2013. Because Iowa doesn't require refresher training to be completed until the end of the license period following the one in which initial training was taken, the producer has until 12/31/2016 to complete refresher training. 

However, North Dakota requires refresher training within 24 months of the last 8 or 4 hour course, so the producer's status expires on 6/1/2014 unless refresher training is taken before then. The next deadline in North Dakota is calculated based on the date on which that refresher course is taken.

The producer can take refresher training in Iowa or North Dakota.

If this relatively simple example has your head spinning, what about producers licensed in six, twelve, or even all fifty states? It can literally take hours to map out refresher training deadlines in that many states for a single producer.

Unless, you have integration set up between SureLC and ClearCert.  Through this integration you can instantly call on ClearCert's validation rules for each producer within SureLC to obtain status.


Q3. Why ClearCert?

A3. ClearCert is the industry authority on product-specific training.  ClearCert focuses full-time on removing the confusion of state-by-state regulations so you can spend your time more productively. You'll have access to ClearCert's definitive research on state-by-state training requirements if you need to be a "just-in-time expert". ClearCert's team of compliance gurus is ready to help with those really thorny issues.


Q4. What if I need to research more information on a producer than provided by ClearCert to SureLC?

A4. Integration between SureLC and ClearCert is designed to provide you a "snapshot" of pertinent information as it relates to contracting a producer. However, there are circumstances that you need out more details. Once your ClearCert account is activated, your agency is provided direct access to ClearCert's website so that you can "dive into more details" outside of what's provided to SureLC.




ClearCert will invoice your agency directly based on the TOTAL # of active producers you have within SureLC.  You may query ClearCert an unlimited # of times as well as receive an unlimited # of Certification Reports in SureLC or directly from ClearCert's website. As a reminder - Phase I of the integration between SureLC and ClearCert incorporates LTC Training certifications, but for Annuity Training certifications - you'll need to access ClearCert's website directly. This service is included in the pricing described below.

The pricing described below is discounted significantly compared to direct subscription to ClearCert's services without the integration with SureLC. SuranceBay worked very hard to provide our users the discounted rates shown below. For comparison between the rates shown and the rates you would pay by going directly with ClearCert, see their pricing page here: 

Since your agency is a SureLC subscriber, access to ClearCert directly as well as the integration between SureLC and ClearCert is included in the pricing. The quantities below reflect the active # of individual producer's you have within SureLC:

  • 1-250 producers = $300/mo
  • 251-1000 producers = $400/mo
  • 1001-5000 producers = $500/mo
  • 5001+ producers = $600/mo

Your monthly invoice from ClearCert to your agency reflects the active # of producer's within your SureLC account at the end of each month. Also note that for calculation purposes, producer quantity is only for individual producers and does not count business entities.




To activate the integration, your agency must execute the ClearCert Subscription Agreement. Once it's completed and returned to ClearCert, they will work directly with SuranceBay to activate your integration.  

DOWNLOAD the Subscription Agreement, email asking for the ClearCert Subscription Agreement, or call them directly at 800-653-3122 x3. Mention in either your phone call or email to ClearCert that your agency is a SureLC Subscriber to obtain the discounted rates.

It should take approximately 2-3 business days in order for the activation to complete. SuranceBay will contact your agency directly to let you know once it's active.




For questions on the integration, you may also contact SuranceBay via email at or by calling us at 877-264-6888.

For questions on ClearCert's services, email, or call them directly 800-653-3122 x3. 




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