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Apis Productions specializes in delivering online solutions for small to medium businesses. Our niche is the financial services market. Our team has extensive industry background and covers a wide swath of expertise including Website Design & Development, Website Maintenance, Content Management System Solutions, Website Hosting, Wordpress Installation & Hosting. Apis offers Surancebay clients a 15% discount on all initial services (website design and development and any SSO Plugins). For more information, contact Peri Lane:  peri@apisproductions.com or 410.267.6777.

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    Anatole T.

    SuranceBay is frequently asked about additional services by Brokerage General Agencies (BGA's) who subscribe to SureLC.  At least 50 different agencies use Apis Productions to assist them with their website(s), including setting up Single Sign On (SSO) between an agencies website and SureLC.   

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