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One of the most under-used but most beneficial integrations in SureLC is with ScreeningOne. Through this integration agencies have the ability to procure credit & criminal reports on prospective producers before they contract through your agency with your carrier partners.



Agencies often spend a lot of time & money working with new producers before receiving a new business policy. You sometimes find out later that the carriers deny the producer's appointment requests based on information obtained in their own background investigation.  With SureLC, you can procure the same types of reports the carriers obtain.


How It Works

In SureLC your agency can submit both Credit and Criminal Report requests to ScreeningOne.  Once the requested reports are available, you'll receive an email and you can view the reports in SureLC.



Available Report Types:

ScreeningOne is a full service background screening provider.  Visit their website or download their e-brochure. All report types provided by ScreeningOne are included in SureLC when your agency goes live with this integration. 



All fees are paid directly to ScreeningOne and not SuranceBay.  There are over 50 different report types available, so pricing depends on the desired report types and the quantity of reports ordered on a monthly basis.  Contact SuranceBay at 877-264-6888 or and we'll coordinate a conference call between your agency and ScreeningOne to work out the proposal details.



SuranceBay and Vector One have arranged to provide a value-added service to your agency through your agency's SureLC access.  Vector One, through, provides the ability for your agency to check whether a prospective producer has a debit balance with another Vector One subscriber.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Through our integration, your agency can see, in SureLC, if a producer has been posted to the web portal by another Vector One subscriber.

This is an OPTIONAL feature that can be enabled for your agency in SureLC.  Your agency must have an active account with Vector One to use SureLC to check whether a producer has a debit-balance posted to Debit-Check.




All services provided through SureLC and our integration partners comply with the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  To use any of these services, your agency must comply with the same applicable laws.  Contact us for more details at or 877-264-6888 and we will be happy to discuss these options further.




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