How can I RESEND my Producer a REVIEW/CONFIRM request

Chris Toth -

Some SureLC Agencies prefer to process appointment requests on behalf of their producers.  However, all carriers supported in SureLC require that the producer reviews contracting paperwork before their signature is applied to the contracting forms.

If one of your producers has not yet confirmed an appointment request that you initiated, use the following steps to resubmit a review request of the appointment paperwork.


Step 1

 Login to SureLC.


Step 2

Click Info & Appointments



Step 3

Find the producer you are working with and click Appointments.



Step 4

Click the hourglass icon in the Reviewed Column that references the desired carriers.

Verify the email address to send the Appointment Review Request Email and click Re-request review



The email generated to your producers originates from an domain email address. Even though the subject line and body of the email includes your agency's name, sometimes producers will either mark the email as spam/junk or disregard the email because it is not originating from an email address domain they are used to seeing (e.g. your agency's email address domain).

You can input your email address and then click Re-Request review sending the email to your inbox. Forward the email to the producer so that the email asking the producer to "Review" originates from your email address (a trusted source).



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