Remove Producers we no Longer Work With: Archive/UnArchive

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This article describes the steps to remove producers from your SureLC account:

Please Note: You are entitled one purge per year (free) and producers contracted within the last 24 months are not eligible to be included in the purge.



Do not send SuranceBay a spreadsheet or a list of producers to remove. If you do, SuranceBay will not process the request unless your agency agrees to pay $150/hour for SuranceBay's staff to process the request. 



The first step for one by one producer removal is for your agency workers to "archive" the producers to remove. Click on Info & Appointments in SureLC. Search for the producers to remove.  

Change the producer's status to Archive

  • Click Comment in the Producer Label.
  • Select ARCHIVE to archive the Producer.
  • Select ACTIVE to add the Producer back to your active list.




Repeat this process for each producer to remove.

To view all Archived Producers:

  • Click Info & Appointments
  • Select Archived Producers from the drop-down list



Un-Archive A Producer

If you unintentionally archived a producer and need to correct that mistake:

  1. Go to Info and Appointments
  2. Click filter in the upper right hand corner of the screen (yours might say All Active Producers or Filter)
  3. Click Archived Producers.
  4. Find the producer you need to retrieve and click on the Push Pin on the profile card and then choose Active.
  5. To return to your list of Active producers, click Archived Producers in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then choose All Active Producers.



Once your agency has archived producers ready for purging, please email with a request to purge.  When producers are purged by the SuranceBay support team, the producers are no longer visible in your agency's SureLC account. Please note that producers contracted within the last 24 months can not be purged



If your agency works with a lot of producers, following the above steps for one by one removal is time consuming.   As an alternative, you can request a mass removal of the producers, aka purge. You are entitled to one purge per year. You should not be purging producers who still write business for you or the ones you pay commission to. We will not purge producers contracted through SureLC within the last 24 months.

To initiate a purge simply email a request to where you provide certain criteria pertaining to the producers to remove. 

Below are a couple of examples of information to provide to SuranceBay for mass removal of producers:

  • Please purge all producers who have done zero contracting with my agency in the past 6 months but who were registered in the system on or before mm/dd/yyyy. (The mm/dd/yyyy can not be less than two years from the date of request).
  • Please purge all producers who no longer have an active insurance license.

The key is to be specific when submitting your request to for mass removal requests. 



Q1. How many times can I purge per year?

A1. You are entitled one purge per year (free) and producers contracted within last 24 months are not eligible for the purge. Additional purges within a one year timeframe from the free purge date are charged at $100/per. 

Q2. Can I purge producers with appointment requests started, but not completed?

A2. Yes, you can, as long as the last activity on the appointment requests happened more then 24 months ago.

Q3. What happens if an agent is purged but subsequently comes back to work with my agency?

A3. A producer who was purged but subsequently comes back to your agency within a 12 month period, simply reconfirms answers to their background questions, address info, etc. If the producer is added back to your agency after 12 months of inactivity the producer must complete all portions of their profile again.

Q4. Do I have to pay to add the producer back?

A4. Yes - a new PDB Report from NIPR is pulled so there is a $3 fee to add the producer back to your agency. Also, if your agency is on the monthly subscription pricing, the producer will count towards your active producer quantity list.




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