Add Comments, Mark Producers, & More Info on Producer Labels

Anatole T. -

There are multiple functions available to manage producers in SureLC. Login to SureLC, then click Info & Appointments.


Adding Comments or Marking Producer Records

SureLC provides a couple tools to note records and filter or search records. 


Adding Comments to the Producer's info card allows quick reference to important notes about the Producer.  

  • Comments could be related to following up with the agent (Such as checking on production levels for a future date). 
  • Noting personal details (such as: Enjoys golfing).




  • Click on the comment section from the Producer Label.
  • Type any Comments in the field provided.
  • Select ADD COMMENT.

 Marking a Producer allows you to sort through your Producer list. Reasons to mark producers include:

  • Archiving them from your database.
  • Following-up for outstanding requirements.
  • Inviting them to an outing.




  • Click on the comment section from the Producer's info card.
  • Select MARK.


To view all Marked Producers:

  • Go to your Producer List.
  • Select the Filter button Filter_icon.jpg at the top of the page .
  • Select MARKED PRODUCERS in the list.


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