How to Verify L&C Forms within SureLC

Jim Friend -

Verifying Forms In SureLC

In SureLC you can verify which carrier contracting forms are available to you for each of your selected carriers. To review the carrier forms, Login to SureLC and then select Carriers in the navigation menu. 


When you're at the Carriers page, choose a carrier from the SELECTED CARRIERS list to open the carrier setup. 


Carrier forms are listed on the bottom half of the GENERAL INFO page.  Scroll down until you see the carrier forms. From there you can choose to DOWNLOAD FORMS (this will download ALL of the carrier forms as a zip file). You can also preview individual forms using the icon shown to the right on the form row. 


When you download the forms, a file will be saved to your computer. Open the file to view the list of all of the carrier forms as .pdf files.   



***Important Note: If you find a form in the system that is out of date or if any unique forms you need to access are not available, please send an email to with a copy of the requested blank forms. Our support team will assist with adding the needed forms to your SureLC account/carrier setup. ***

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