Start A Join Me Screen Share With My Producers

Dennis Pavluk -

A useful FREE web tool we use here at SuranceBay is Join Me - a screen sharing site that lets interface with your producers should you need to guide them in any aspect of using SureLC. This can be as simple as  instructing them on how to register in SureLC, showing them how to request appointments or keeping track of submitted appointments.

To start a screen sharing session with your producer:

1. Tell the producer to open a web browser and type into the ADDRESS field of the browser window - the page opens.

2. Tell the producer to click on Get Started and input an e-mail address and create a password. Join Me is free and the company does not send out spam e-mails and the like. After entering in the e-mail and password, Join Me will ask for more information. The producer can simply click Skip on the ensuing pop ups and continue on. 

This prompts the producer to download the program to share their screen.. Note: they may have to click Restart The Download)

Once the download completes, the producer is prompted to Run the program. If they don't get prompted, they must go to their PC's Downloads folder and double-click joinme.exe

3. Once the downloading and connecting is done, the producer sees a pop up at the top of their screen that says Connected. That pop up contains a 9 digit code in this format (123-234-456) . 

4. Once the code is generated on the producer's side, open a web browser, go to Join.Me and on the home screen click Join Meeting, enter the producer's connection (the dashes are not needed) then press the Join.

5. If you don't automatically see the producer's screen, tell the producer to click the Monitor Icon at the top of the screen and press Play


6. Depending on your connection speed there may be a delay but you will see your producer's screen and can proceed. 

Note: If your producer has two monitors, you will only see the primary monitor. If they open SureLC and you can't see it, advise them to drag the screen to the primary monitor.

7. You can ask for control of your producer's PC mouse to run the show, if needed. On your screen you will see a small pop up at the top of your screen. This is your Join Me toolbar. On that toolbar, click on the fourth icon (it has three dots on it, see below) then select Request Mouse Control. 


The producer receives a pop up asking to allow you to have mouse control. When they click Allow, you can use your mouse and move around their screen. 

***To get answers to Join Me support issues, click HERE ***

***SuranceBay is in no way associated with Join.Me and does not receive any compensation from its use.***

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