How do I Obtain a Copy of the Email of Contracting Paperwork?

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Infrequently an agency worker at a SureLC agency contacts our Support Desk because they processed contracting paperwork but never received the email.  There are many reasons this may occur. This article covers the steps your agency should take to rectify the problem.


For contracting purposes, SuranceBay utilizes the email address to send emails to a recipient:

  • Carrier - sometimes this option isn't available within SureLC, by design.
  • BGA - the central email address for your agency as designated in your SureLC Agency Setup.
  • Administrator - this is the email address for the administrator login.
  • Producer - the producer's email address. Note that producers don't receive copies of Transmittal forms.






You can always determine the email address used for each selection by hovering your cursor over the text of the selection.





After you've Processed a contract within SureLC you receive a message that states, "Email has been submitted."  When you see this message, SureLC has successfully sent an email to the designated recipient.





Assuming that you received the sent message the next step is to ensure that your email service provider has received the email.  


VERY IMPORTANT - Once SuranceBay displays the sent message the system sent the email.  SuranceBay can do little to assist you in receiving these emails, but the steps below can help determine why you aren't receiving the emails.

  1. Check your spam or junk email folder. Often, when intended recipients don't receive emails from, it's because the emails have been filtered to your spam or junk mail folder.
  2. It's best practice to add as an authorized (or safe) sender of emails.
  3. Add, and any other email addresses to your address book.


If you don't find the emails in your spam or junk mail folder, take the following steps:

  1. Ask your IT administrator to check your email server for messages from that may have been filtered to spam or junk mail or blacklisted. For example, if you use Google as your email service provider but utilize Outlook as your email client, it may be that Google auto-filtered the emails from to their spam or junk folder which results in the email message never reaching your Outlook client.
  2. Your internet service provider or email client is filtering out email from Whitelist the email domain to prevent the filtering of the emails.
  3. Please contact your IT department for more information.


If you continue to have problems contact and we'll be happy to assist further with reconciling the problems.



When you need to get contracting paperwork to the carrier and you're encountering email problems.


1, Login to SureLC, and click Info & Appointments.





2. Find the producer, then click Appointments.





3. Click on the icon in the Get It column. To obtain a copy of the email, select the email icon. To open the local folder with the saved PDF forms, click on the down-arrow icon. ***Note: American General contracting, once processed, is automatically moved to the producers Completed File. To get to the Completed file, in the upper left hand side of the appointments screen, click All Open, then click Completed.***




4. From the email icon, select BGA or Carrier to open up a new message in Outlook. Outlook (or your email client) opens up a new message with the merged.pdf forms included in the email message so you can forward the message to whomever needs it.






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