Producer Registration Error: Record not Found at NIPR

Jim Friend -

When adding a producer to your SureLC set up, either at the Agency level or if the Producer is registering him/herself, you might see the following error on the SureLC Producer Registration screen. 


This means SureLC was unable to locate the Producer's National Producer Number (NPN) assigned by the National Insurance Producers Registry (NIPR). SureLC must have the producers NPN to be registered in SureLC to subsequently request appointments and maintain licensing information. 

There are three main reasons an Administrator or Producer receives this error: 

1. The producer's Social Security Number, last name name OR date of birth do not match what is on file with NIPR. 

2. The producer is newly licensed. When a producer gets a new license, that state must update its records which updates NIPR records as well. However, this process could take 3 to five business days before the producer is assigned a National Producer Number. 

3. The producer is using a hyphenated last name. NIPR will sometimes use the hyphen, and other times not.

Remedying the issues:

1.  Verify that the information provided is correct. Double check the SSN, last name, and date of birth (or licensed state if used). Often, the person doing the typing might enter the information incorrectly causing the "Record Not Found" error. 

2. Wait a day or two. As stated above, a newly licensed producer might not get assigned an NPN # for 3 to 5 business days after the license goes into effect. 

3. Enter the last name with a hyphen, then without. A hyphenated last name will be listed one of those two ways in the NIPR database, so one of them will work. 

What if none of the above works? 

If all of the above remedies have been exhausted, NIPR provides on their website a Producer Look-Up feature. Using SSN and Last Name or License Number and State, you can search NIPR's database for the producer in question.



If the producer is still not found, contact our Support Desk at and we will help you resolve the issue.


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