Can I still use SureLC if I run my business through an up-line?

Chelsie Gaspard -

The answer here is YES!  Let us say you are an agency that runs all or a portion of your business through an upline. You can still use SureLC to generate the carrier paperwork needed.


How will the carrier know to include my agency within the hierarchy?

Within your carrier Hierarchy schedule settings you'll want to correctly reflect your agency as the down line along with your up line agency. This information transfers onto the carrier's transmittals. See Carrier Setup within SureLC for more information.


What about getting my up line signatures on to the carrier forms?

The easiest way to do this would be to get permission from your up line to add their Principal to your system so you have access to his or her signature when needed without completing the entire profile for this person.  To do this you need the principle's SSN, DOB, business Tax ID, email, and a signed Signature Authorization Form.

Once you have the required information, add this person to your SureLC system just as you would any other producer and designate him or her as a Principal on your agency setup page. Once completed you will access to the up line Principal's signature. Use this procedure.

  • Go to the Producers screen.
  • Select +Add Producer.
  • Follow the prompts to setup the new profile.
  • No need to complete the entire profile, upload the signed Signature Authorization form to the principal's Signature tab.
  • Go to Agency Settings - Principals.
  • Select Add Principal.
  • Select the person to add as a signor in the right pane. 


What if my up line agency does NOT want to give me access to their Principal's signature. 

You have the ability in SureLC to send unsigned processed carrier forms to yourself.  Once received in your email inbox you can forward the forms to your up line where you can add signatures and any other up line information.

Simply omit the upline signature in the final contracting step by selecting NONE from the signature drop-down menu.  This ensures any up line signatures needed remain BLANK for your up line to manually sign.

From there your up line can send the contract to the carrier. 



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