Transmittal Forms Missing

Chris Toth -

Transmittal Forms are not populating when I process a contract

Effective Monday, Sept 23, 2013 Mutual of Omaha revised their contracting forms including all Transmittals.  Any forms dated prior to this date will no longer be accepted.

Mutual of Omaha has also asked that all transmittals now be provided by request only. There are different  transmittals assigned to each agency based on your contract established with the carrier.  In order to allocate the version your agency requires, you'll need to provide us with copies.  Please send copies to our support desk at

Please contact MUTUAL OF OMAHA  or your DIRECT UPLINE if you are not certain which transmittals apply to your Agency's contract.

This is a one-time request.  Once we've set your agency up with the correct versions needed they'll be available for all future contracts processed.


Please note This affects all Mutual Of Omaha companies

· Mutual Of Omaha Ins Co
· United Of Omaha
· Omaha Insurance Company
· Omaha Life Insurance Company
· Companion Life Insurance Company of NY



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