Mutual of Omaha - Agreements Not Included in Bundle

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Mutual of Omaha and their related companies like United of Omaha and Companion of NY, used to require their agreements be included in their contracting paperwork. For example, MoO/UoO wanted the General Agent Agreement or Special Agent Agreement to be submitted to them along with all other contracting paperwork.

The carrier now includes the producer's attestation of the agreements right within the "Contract Information" pages.  This acknowledges they've received, reviewed, etc. the appropriate agreements simply by clicking on the appropriate checkbox(s).




SureLC handles this through the review process by the producer whereby the producer is acknowledging that they've seen the form, and by clicking on the hyperlink, can access the form when needed. 



 Once the producer has indicated that the form(s) have been reviewed, his/her choice carriers over to the proper carrier form as needed. 

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