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SuranceBay and American General worked hard to incorporate data-integration between SureLC and AIG's systems in order to streamline the appointment process for you and your agents.  Rather than waiting on American General to manually input information for each of your agents requesting appointments, SuranceBay is now integrated with them so that this process is streamlined.

This article covers multiple topics related to this integration, including:


The following carriers are included in the electronic integration:

  • American General Life Ins Co (LIFE)
  • American General Life Ins Co (ANNUITY)
  • American General Life Ins Co (ANNEXUS)
  • American General Life Ins Co (ADVISORY)



AIG assigns agent #'s to all contracting requests successfully submitted through the integration.  On a nightly basis, you'll receive an email from SuranceBay that will show you the list of producers for whom you've submitted contracting paperwork for during that day, along with their assigned agent #'s.

If the contract request for the producer stipulated a contract level above the producer level, such as GA1, etc, then American General will send back the GA recruiter number for the producer, not the producer writing code.

Also - please note that if you've processed a producer who is set up doing business as a business entity - then you will receive a separate agent # assigned to the business entity which differs from that of the Principal of the Business.

Auto-assignment of Agent #'s does not mean that the applicant has been approved by AIG.

⚠️ ALERT: Only the first appointment request for a producer will be submitted electronically. All subsequent appointment requests for a producer must be emailed to the carrier. This is to prevent duplicate agent #'s from being assigned.



There is relatively little change in how you will see the PDF forms on the last step of the appointment process within SureLC.  The only real difference that will see that may be different than what you're used to is that when you're processing an appointment request for a producer who is doing business as a business entity, you will now see TWO different Appointment forms.  

This is intended behavior - as American General needs one form for the Principal, and a separate form for the Business Entity.  SuranceBay realizes that in the normal submission (e.g. without SureLC) that they accept just one Appointment form - but with the integration, we're showing 2 separate forms because that's a requirement as part of the integration.




SureLC supports 5 different request types (see image below).  However, the integration with AIG only supports the following request types:

  • Contract - Active
  • Transfer - Active
  • Add State - Not Active - submit to AIG as you normally would
  • Hierarchy - Not Active - submit to AIG as you normally would
  • Payment - Not Active - submit to AIG as you normally would





  1. You'll see a notice during the Processing Phase of SureLC an indication that the forms will be submitted electronically to the carrier.GGGG.jpg
  2. After processing the forms, you'll receive the merged.pdf as you normally would in your email inbox.  However, the PDF forms will have a Watermark that indicates "Electronically Submitted to the Carrier. Do Not Submit."  This is intended behavior because the forms as well as data are automatically transmitted directly to the carrier from SureLC.
  3. Once the appointment request is submitted, it will automatically be labeled as Completed and show in the producers Completed Appointments screen. To get there, go to the producers Appointments page, click on All Open in the upper left hand corner, then choose Completed. 
  4. Please allow 48-72 business hours prior to following-up directly with the carrier on agent status in order for the integration process to run it's full cycle.


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