Transmittal forms for LSW / National Life Group

Dennis Pavluk -

LSW/National Life and SuranceBay have a unique relationship. First, this carrier requires prior approval before allowing forms to be uploaded and viewable through SureLC. You can read more information about that HERE

And as this carrier requires all forms to be approved for use by your agency in SureLC, the carrier has also dictated that no transmittal forms be made available in SureLC for ANY agency. This carrier has unique transmittal forms for each agency it does business with, and while you can still complete all other forms for this carrier in SureLC, there is a separate process outside of SureLC that will have to take place to attach the needed transmittal to the carrier forms bundle. 

For Example: You are requesting an appointment for a producer with LSW. All the steps have been taken (producer review ect...) and now you are ready to process. On step 5 of 5, or the Processing step, you can process as normal, sending the merged PDF to yourself (choose BGA or Administrator in the Send To field). This will send the carrier forms bundle to your e-mail inbox where you can simply add the assigned transmittal as a second attachment and forward on to the carrier. 

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