How do I setup the carrier schedule for LFG?

Chris Toth -

How do I setup the carrier schedule for LFG?

The Comp Builder with LFG is probably one of the most complicated transmittals out there.  This carrier requires not only all hierarchies listed from the writing producer on up, but they also require the compensation amounts for EVERYONE in the hierarchy.


SureLC is setup to accommodate this by completing the following:

  • Go to your Agency Setup page
  • Select the Carrier Tab
  • select Lincoln Financial from the carrier menu on the left.
  • Complete the Upline Hierarchy information in fields 1 - 4
  • If you would like the Writing Producer to show a "Pending" contract number, simply write "Pending" in the "code" field of hierarchy #5 for the Producer.

The compensation fields follow the Comp Builder form, top to bottom and left to right for each hierarchy position and product.

Please feel free to utilize our Support Team to help with any hierarchy settings that are cumbersome and taking more than 3-5 minutes to setup.  Simply complete a transmittal manually as you would like it to populate through SureLC, and email it to  Our Team will setup any Hierarchy/Comp settings that you need assistance with.


PLEASE NOTE:  If your agency doesn't utilize the standard MGA comp builder, you may need to request the correct version be assigned:



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