Banner/William Penn - Transmittal page included in contracting bundles

Chris Toth -

Legal & General America has asked SuranceBay to include our Generic Transmittal form with all contract requests processed through SureLC.

This not only allows your agency to detail out compensation and hierarchy information, but also gives the carrier a snapshot, on one page, to include the following:

  • Producer / Agency being contracted
  • New Business details
  • Contact Information for any L&C questions related to the application.
  • Comments/Special Notes (If Applicable)


The Comments section of this form can be completed in step 3 of the contract process .  A special question was added so your agency can detail out any specific notes you would like to include, "Special Contracting Details (If Needed)".    You can also complete the Comments section right on the form  while processing the request.


Please note:  This form is NOT privy to your producers.  Only your agency and the carrier will have access to this form.  In addition, the Comments question in step 3 is only privy to your agency.  Producers will NOT be able to view these details.


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