Banner/William Penn - W-9 requested for LOA Solicitor

Chris Toth -

Why is the W-9 not bundling in the contracts processed for my LOA Solicitor agents?  Banner is requesting it.


Banner announced back in late 2013 they don't require a W-9 for LOA solicitors that are not earning commissions directly from the carrier. To date this requirement has not changed. 


Banner's follow-up is a bit unique, and often causes this misleading requirement.  The most likely cause for the outstanding W-9 request is one of the following:

  1. The upline contracting was sent at the same time the LOA Solicitor contracting was submitted, and they processed the LOA agent BEFORE the upline.
  2. The UPLINE is not actively contracted with Banner/William Penn.


In either case, if you provide a W-9 to Banner/William Penn, they'll setup the producer as an INDIVIDUAL rather than as intended.

Please reach back out to the carrier to get clarification on the UPLINE contract to see if this is what initiated the W-9 requirement.

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