Which Carriers Are Available Within SureLC?

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Which carriers are supported in SureLC?

As of May 10, 2021, the carriers listed on the attached document(s) are included within SureLC.  Please note that the files below are identical, they're just in different formats (.xls and .pdf).


What is a "Limited Access" carrier?

A "Limited Access" carrier is either:

  • [A]  A known carrier that 'REQUIRES' their own online contracting process. (Use these carriers at your discretion.)  
  • [B]  A carrier, or specific carrier channel, that requires approval to access their forms.

If a carrier accepts PDF generated files - we support it.  However, If a carrier REQUIRES your producers to complete online contracting separately from SureLC,  we may still include the carrier in SureLC as  a "Limited access" carrier to maintain a consistent workflow for your Producers.  This will allow your producers to place the request, and in turn notify your internal staff to proceed with any additional measures. 

We encourage you to contact your carrier partners asking them to accept SureLC.


SuranceBay's Policy on adding New carriers

CLICK HERE to view our policy on adding new carriers and/or new forms to SureLC.


How do I manage carriers in my carrier assortment?

To manage Carrier availability within SureLC, please CLICK HERE to see how to add and/or remove carriers from your list of carriers within SureLC.

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