Adobe PDF Configuration Setup

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SureLC is a desktop software application that runs through the internet (like Microsoft Outlook) and uses Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to process contracting paperwork for your agents.  This page describes how to properly configure Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat to work correctly with SureLC.  

Because SureLC relies on Adobe, we're limited with auto-adjusting your Adobe configuration settings because of the disjointed nature of SuranceBay's relationship with Adobe. Therefore, follow the steps below and if you need any support from SuranceBay's team, email us at


Step 1Completely Close SureLC

***These setting changes will NOT save if SureLC is still open. Ensure that SureLC is closed before proceeding.***


Step 2: Double Click on the Adobe Reader/Acrobat shortcut icon on your desktop or click your Start menu and look for Adobe Reader/Acrobat.   If you have both Reader and Acrobat on your system, please open both to make these setting adjustments.


Step 3: In the tool bar at the top, next to File, click Edit.



Step 4: Click Preferences from the drop-down menu.



Step 5: In the new window that opens, on the left side menu choose "Security (Enhanced)".          


Step 6a: Deselect Enable Protected Mode at Startup.  If you do not see this option in Reader, look under the "General" category. 

6b: Select Enable Enhanced Security if not selected.



Step 7:  Accept the changes.



Step 8: Close Adobe.

Step 9: Restart SureLC and log in.  If you get an error message starting SureLC - refer to Error Resolution, or email to escalate to Tier II support.


Testing / Verification:

After making the changes to Adobe's settings to ensure that the configuration is setup correctly to work with SureLC, verify that everything is working properly.  Log in and process a contract.  Verify that you receive all expected forms.  If you are missing any forms, contact SuranceBay Support at and one of our technicians will contact you to resolve this issue.

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