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Please follow these instructions to download and install SureLC on your desktop computer:

Windows Installation:

  1. Make sure you have Adobe Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat Pro (paid) installed. Only one of these two is required, and it must be set as your default PDF file program. Due to the limitations of Adobe AIR which SureLC utilizes to run, you can not use the 64-bit version of Adobe.  You will need to switch to the 32-bit version of Adobe.

    - Click here to download and install Adobe Reader. and install the Reader version shown in the screenshot:


    Once Reader is installed, please proceed to Edit > Preference > Updater and turn off the automatic updated.  

  2. Next, download and install Adobe Air (free).
    - Click here to download and install Adobe Air.
  3. To finish up the process, download and install SureLC.
    - Click here to download and install SureLC.


MAC Installation:

With the latest version of macOS from Apple, some changes were introduced that have affected compatibility with SureLC. This is due to an issue with Adobe Air, which SureLC utilizes. A temporary work-around has been detailed below, which should allow you to continue using SureLC on your Apple computer.

To install AIR and SureLC, please use the following guide:

  1. Install this version of Adobe AIR 
  2. You will most likely receive the following error, but that is OK.  Simply click "OK" to close the error.Screen3.jpg
  3. Open Terminal (e.g., click on the magnify glass in the top right corner of the screen, and type "terminal")Screen4.jpg
  4. In Terminal, type (or copy/paste) the following: cd /Library/Frameworks and press Enter/Return
  5. Then type (or copy/paste) the following in Terminal: sudo xattr -d "Adobe AIR.framework" and press Enter/Return
  6.  You will then be prompted to enter you user password for your macOS account.  Once you type it in, press Enter/Return.
  7. Once these steps are complete, you can install SureLC by Clicking Here

After the installation is complete please open SureLC to ensure that the workaround for AIR was done successfully.

If you get a red error message regarding Adobe Reader, Click Here to download and install the version of Reader that SureLC supports.


If you have any issues with the installation, contact our Support Team at or call 1-877-264-6888

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